Burgandy Viscosi

North American Artist

Light in Winter

02 Feb 2023

Burgandy Viscosi Gallery

1.5 years for Burgandy's Gallery

01 Dec 2022

Burgandy describes using Lensa AI

Bearing the Light

Visionary Art Blankets

Burgandy displays a range of artwork designs which could potentially become a cotton blanket.

The first image shown here is 'Yab Yum', painted in 2019. By clicking the right scroll button you can see nine other designs.

These designs are all available as prints and stickers through her website.

Male and Female Portrait

Sharing her creative talent as she puts paint to canvas on one of her signature portaits, in unique Burgandy style.

Featuring the song Booka Shade by Regenerate.

Hindsight in 2020

The altering moods of this beautiful artwork, enhanced by changing lighting.

A Commission Comes to Life

A commissioned piece that gives interesting depth with Burgandy’s talented representation of the painting’s subject, against a simple background that beautifully highlights the wooden canvas.


This masterfully created piece came about after a 2012 personal experience where Burgandy’s realisation of the immortality of humanity is an eternally intertwined relationship with nature; poetically compared to stardust.

Preparing for Halloween

The artist does her own make-up up for Halloween, in true Burgandy style.

Features the song Pet Semetary, by Ramones.

Burgandy Viscosi Gallery

The Burgandy Viscosi Gallery in Seattle; during one of the city’s First Thursday Art Walks, where visitors strolled through the Waterfont for sunset.

Sketches to Magnificence

From pencil sketches to colour to magnificence. Burgandy creates another rich and vivid masterpiece, from first sketches to final touches.

Featuring the song Be a Body, by Grimes.

Paintings on Wood

Another life-like pet portrait on wood, by the talented Burgandy Viscosi.

We Belong To The Earth

The embodiment of a traditional Native American woman encompassing the quote “The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth” from Chief Seattle’s 1854 speech, which was presented to the militaristic Isaac Stevens, the first Governor of Washington Territory.

Playing with Light

A union of interesting subjects against a fluorescent background of blue and pink hues.

Compassion’s Constructive Force

Burgandy talks about a painting she did in 2013 called Compassion’s Constructive Force - an insightful concept about humanity.

Meeting of the Mind

Burgandy’s signature abstract Visionary Art style in vivid hues and imaginative depictions.

Purple Guitar - The Saints of 2016

The creation of the abstract portrait called The Saints of 2016, featuring the legendary music icons David Bowie and Prince.

Seattle Snow Day

A glimpse of the snowy streets in Burgandy’s home city of Seattle.

Blue Lotus

Burgandy's special 2018 time-limited edition 3D Art print. Only 100 pieces were available to purchase.

Grand Gallery Opening

Burgandy opened her gallery on July 1st 2021.

Her artwork and merchandise is available to purchase, as well as some works by other local artists.

Visit the gallery at:

1101 Alaskan Way, Seattle, Washington 98101.